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Water Jet Parts

Parts made with water jet cutting

Many machine components formerly made with established machining methods now can be made effortlessly and economically with abrasive waterjet cutting. Here are just a few examples of abrasive water jet parts.


Abrasive waterjet typically is not thought of as a machine for making gears. However, gears are just one of many shapes that can be made easily with an abrasive waterjet. Precision abrasive waterjet can hold a tolerance within 0.001 in. of the desired contour.

Sprockets and Chains

Links for chain can be made with an abrasive waterjet and assembled into a chain that can lift a heavy object.


Cams, used less than they were previously, can be made very quickly on an abrasive waterjet. The main task is determining the desired cam shape. Once known, making the cam is nearly as simple as loading the CAD file into the machine and pressing start.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels often have odd-shaped holes that are challenging to create without a custom punch. With abrasive waterjet cutting these holes directly from a CAD file is simple and requires no dimensional drawing. Using a shield to redirect the jet enables the cutting of holes in the sides of an electrical box.

Miscellaneous Machine Components

Abrasive waterjet cutting can be used to make machine elements, including snap rings, customized wrenches, shims, etching hardened steel, exhaust headers, and rubber gaskets. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

Name Plates and Signage

Here are some ideas that can be achieved with an abrasive waterjet:

  • Company name and logo in steel or plastic and attach to your equipment
  • Instruction plates
  • Stencils for marking your shipping containers
  • Cut or etch your company name and logo into an abrasive waterjet part.

Abrasive waterjet is a precise and versatile cutting tool, and can often be used cost effectively to make many parts more efficiently and less expensively than with other processes.

Have an idea? Call or send it to us and let our experts in WaterJet cutting help you make it a reality.