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Stamping Dies and Tooling

For the convenience of our stamping parts customers, Bahrs Die & Stamping builds stamping tools and dies for many metal and non-metal fabrication processes. From punching out washers to very complex parts, we can design and construct a die fitting your exact part application.

Common die types:

  • Progressive dies: High-production, complex parts that may require multiple bends, drawing, or other processes.
  • Compound dies to stamp highly-accurate, time and cost efficient flat simple parts such as washers.
  • Bend/Form Dies: Used to form a part into a variety of angles and shapes. Can be a secondary tool and operation or be built into a progressive die.

The team of designer / engineers at Bahrs Die & Stamping utilizing 2D and 3D CAD/CAM software, develops, designs, and plans the layout of our dies. We have the means to build a die for any application. Bahrs also modifies and repairs existing tooling.

Contact us and attach your design file along with your contact information for our Engineering Department to review and provide you with a quote for the die and stamped parts.