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Stamping dies and tooling

Bahrs Die & Stamping is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of stamping dies. We specialize in all types of dies. Progressive dies, Draw Form dies, Blanking dies, Prototype dies and Forming dies. We have in house die tryout to 250 ton. All designs are done in 3D to check for design clearances prior to cutting.

We have over 75 years experience in die design and build serving a wide variety of industries. Bahrs can help you determine a cost benefit analysis to determine die payback.

Traditionally low volume parts are waterjet cut and manually formed on a brake press or a one hit forming die. When volume goes up to thousands a year it may be justified to add blanking dies to eliminate the waterjet step. Higher volumes per year may justify a progressive die. A progressive die feeds material from a coil and produces one or more completed parts every stroke of the press.

Proper die design can mean huge difference in die maintenance costs.  Material selection, material hardness, special coatings, die layout, etc. are extremely important to die life and up time.

• Bahrs Die & Stamping can provide turnkey tooling, as well as a complete job from design to production on our floor.

• We also have full service design and engineering from 3D model or piece part drawing to finished parts matching tolerances.

• Bahrs will build tooling to your existing CAD design and offer design suggestions based on our extensive experience in design, engineering and production.