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Bahrs Die & Stamping offers a wide range of advanced alternative CNC machining processes offering advantages over more conventional CNC machining. What’s best for your application may not be a “conventional” CNC process.

Conventional CNC machining processes, like CNC milling, are not always best suited to what is required. Some CNC applications, like prototyping, small production needs, test samples, etc, sometimes call for alternative CNC machining processes. Complex geometry, intricate features, hard, tough or brittle materials – all these unconventional requirements are typical reasons to consider the wider range of CNC machining processes that are available at Bahrs Die & Stamping.

Bahrs Die & Stamping offers a variety of CNC Machining Processes including conventional CNC, but also advanced EDM wire eroding and WaterJet cutting. By utilizing a variety of CNC processes, components can be manufactured to the desired specification with confidence by selecting the most appropriate CNC method. Central to this is the need for design engineers and technicians to raise their awareness of the variety of CNC machining processes available to them.

Bahrs Die & Stamping has a CNC machine program to support all of your tooling needs. Customers use Bahrs for their progressive dies and secondary tooling requirements. These are typical support tools for many of the parts Bahrs stamps in-house that continue on to our customers for additional forming. It is crucial for Bahrs to comprehend and support each customer’s individual needs. It’s why our customers have continued to trust Bahrs with their business for decades with progressive and specialty dies.

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines are the workhorses of the precision machining industry. CNC is an industry standard designed specifically for controlling high-precision mills, lathes, cutting and grinding machines. CNC programs are written in machine manufacturer-specific language. While there is an industry standard code, most machines have specific functions built into their codes to take advantage of automation to make programming easier.


Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining software packages are built specifically to output CNC code readable by specific machines. CAD/CAM software can address specific manufacturer and machine proprietary codes through individual programming or database access.

CNC machines, running optimized CAD/CAM designed programs, can produce machined parts in minutes or even seconds that take skilled craftsmen hours or even days to produce on manual machinery.

Call us today and let Tim or Mike Klapper answer your questions or help you in researching which specialist engineering CNC processes can fit your special application needs. 513-793-8100.